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25 June 2018


  • 15 Oct 2016

Long, long ago...,某人计划用dart取代javascript,failed。





Fuchsia 操作系统

Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)

Purple - A system with high performance graphics, low-latency input, and a beautiful UI.

Pink - An incredibly modular system for developers and users.

If you hang out on #fuchsia long enough you will realize that we are all a bunch of OS nerds that have worked on many, many systems in the past (BeOS, ChromeOS, Android, webOS, QNX, DangerOS, iOS, MacOS, ...).

20180621 upgrade dart2 and flutter channel beta

  • install dart2
$ brew info dart
dart-lang/dart/dart: stable 1.24.3, devel 2.0.0-dev.64.1

brew install dart --devel
  • install flutter on china


# flutter on china
export PATH="$HOME/flutter/bin:$PATH"

$ git clone -b beta ~/flutter
$ flutter doctor
$ flutter upgrade

$ flutter upgrade
Upgrading Flutter from /Users/bantana/flutter...
Already up to date.

Upgrading engine...
Already up-to-date.

Flutter 0.5.1 • channel beta •
Framework • revision c7ea3ca377 (4 weeks ago) • 2018-05-29 21:07:33 +0200
Engine • revision 1ed25ca7b7
Tools • Dart 2.0.0-dev.58.0.flutter-f981f09760

Running flutter doctor...
Doctor summary (to see all details, run flutter doctor -v):
[✓] Flutter (Channel beta, v0.5.1, on Mac OS X 10.13.5 17F77, locale en-CN)
[✗] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices
    ✗ Unable to locate Android SDK.
      Install Android Studio from:
      On first launch it will assist you in installing the Android SDK components.
      (or visit for detailed instructions).
      If Android SDK has been installed to a custom location, set $ANDROID_HOME to that location.
[!] iOS toolchain - develop for iOS devices (Xcode 9.4.1)
    ✗ libimobiledevice and ideviceinstaller are not installed. To install, run:
        brew install --HEAD libimobiledevice
        brew install ideviceinstaller
    ✗ ios-deploy not installed. To install:
        brew install ios-deploy
[✗] Android Studio (not installed)
[!] VS Code (version 1.24.1)
[!] Connected devices
    ! No devices available

! Doctor found issues in 5 categories.

run Simulator (example ios)

$ cd $HOME/flutter/examples/hello_world
$ flutter packages get
  • packages cache directory is ~/.pub-cache/
$ tree ~/.pub-cache/ -L 3|grep -i http
      ├── http-0.11.3+16
      ├── http_multi_server-2.0.4
      ├── http_parser-3.1.2

$ flutter devices
1 connected device:

iPhone X • XXCC2XF0-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX • ios • iOS 11.4 (simulator)

$ flutter run
Launching lib/main.dart on iPhone X in debug mode...
Starting Xcode build...
 ├─Assembling Flutter resources...                    1.1s
 └─Compiling, linking and signing...                  1.8s
Xcode build done.                                            3.9s
Syncing files to device iPhone X...                          2.9s

🔥  To hot reload changes while running, press "r". To hot restart (and rebuild state), press "R".
An Observatory debugger and profiler on iPhone X is available at:
For a more detailed help message, press "h". To quit, press "q".

🔥  To hot reload changes while running, press "r". To hot restart (and rebuild state), press "R".
An Observatory debugger and profiler on iPhone X is available at:
You can dump the widget hierarchy of the app (debugDumpApp) by pressing "w".
To dump the rendering tree of the app (debugDumpRenderTree), press "t".
For layers (debugDumpLayerTree), use "L"; for accessibility (debugDumpSemantics), use "S" (for traversal order) or "U" (for inverse hit test order).
To toggle the widget inspector (WidgetsApp.showWidgetInspectorOverride), press "i".
To toggle the display of construction lines (debugPaintSizeEnabled), press "p".
To simulate different operating systems, (defaultTargetPlatform), press "o".
To display the performance overlay (WidgetsApp.showPerformanceOverlay), press "P".
To save a screenshot to flutter.png, press "s".
To repeat this help message, press "h". To quit, press "q".

Application finished.

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